Software Development

And Programming

shutterstock_114470674APA has in-house development team, and gives clients guidance on software programming process. With services extending well beyond website development, our software engineers create custom web based software such as content management systems, office automation processing, and online eCommerce software. Our programming team develops web applications in PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Perl using MySQL.

Initially we understand goals and project scope of our client and then we start on process of software programming and development. It is a rare exception that a software project begins and ends in exactly the way you initially expected. Keeping projected costs to quoted prices requires constant communication, frequent testing by both programmers and users, and allows for changes without dramatically affecting costs or timeliness. Our practice of software design allows for flexibility through ongoing communication. Our existing clients proves our success in performing software development on time and on budget, and our clients enthusiastically agree.

Typical phases of software development:

1) Identification of required software
2) Analysis of the software requirements
3) Detailed specification of the software requirements
4) Software design
5) Programming
6) Testing
7) Maintenance

Our strongest advice to anyone considering developing custom software would be this:

“Do not work with a company that relies on outsourced programmers.”

If you cannot look your programmers in the eye or if your language doesn’t match your developer’s technical language, move on until you find a company that has programmers sitting across your table who are capable of explaining details in a language you understand.