shutterstock_97663529PC and Laptop Repairs in London

IT Xpert’s provides complete PC repair service at a competitive price.

PC Repairs Include:
– Motherboard Repair
– Memory Replacement and Upgrades
– Upgrading and re-installation of Windows
– Viruses removal
– Power Supply Repair
– Processor Upgrade

Laptop Repairs Include:
– Laptop Screen Replacement
– Power Jack Replacement and Repair
– Motherboard Repair
– LCD Replacement
– LCD Backlight, Invertor repair and replacement.
– Keyboard and touchpad repair
– Liquid Spillage
– Upgrading and re-installation of Windows

shutterstock_136487447We are Leading Smartphone and Tablet Repair Specialists

We are  specialised in iPad, iPhone and iPod repairs. We value our customers, therefore we offer best value services. Our company is most reliable iPhone and iPad repairs in the UK. Our repair include iPhone (3,3s,4,4s,5,5c,5s), iPad and iPad mini. We are confident of our repairs, however if repair fails then you are covered under 12 months warranty on all repairs!

We include following repairs:
– Water Damage
– Smashed Screen
– Touch Not Responding
– Home, Power, Volume Button Broken
– No charging or Charge is not being kept for long time

We value your data protection, we have a strict data protection policy. Data will not be removed from the device during repairs.

You can also send your device for repair, by following below mentioned steps
Step 1: Book a Repair online
Step 2: Post your device to our repair centre
Step 3: We make the repair
Step 4: We send it back

If we can’t Fix it, No one Can
Free Daignostics
No Fix, No Fee

Website Design

And Customization

1CaptureApplication/WEB Design and Consulting

IT Xpert’s experienced Web designers and developers are available to assist you in determining, targeting and solving your on-line applications needs. APA Experts has more than 6 years of experience. We have created many business specific, custom designed applications for a wide variety of clients. From the basic shopping cart to the most complex E-Commerce configuration; put IT Xpert’s Applications Team to work for you!

We do provide following services to meet up your business needs.


  1. Custom Design + Mobile and SEO Friendly + WordPress CMS
  2. Custom Design + Mobile and SEO Friendly + E-commerce
  3. Landing page or one page website + Mobile & SEO Friendly
  4. Logo Design
  5. Banner Design
  6. Website Maintenance


  1. SEO (First Page on Google) with 10 Keywords
  2. SMO package (2 platforms)

Content Writing

  1. SEO copy writing / Blog/ Articles / Web page – Minimum Word Limit 400-500
  2. Press Release word limit minimum 400-500

Do let us know if we at APA can be of any assistance. We can help in redesigning/redevelopment of website or designing new website.

Please contact us for details on the Portfolio.

Software Development

And Programming

shutterstock_114470674APA has in-house development team, and gives clients guidance on software programming process. With services extending well beyond website development, our software engineers create custom web based software such as content management systems, office automation processing, and online eCommerce software. Our programming team develops web applications in PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Perl using MySQL.

Initially we understand goals and project scope of our client and then we start on process of software programming and development. It is a rare exception that a software project begins and ends in exactly the way you initially expected. Keeping projected costs to quoted prices requires constant communication, frequent testing by both programmers and users, and allows for changes without dramatically affecting costs or timeliness. Our practice of software design allows for flexibility through ongoing communication. Our existing clients proves our success in performing software development on time and on budget, and our clients enthusiastically agree.

Typical phases of software development:

1) Identification of required software
2) Analysis of the software requirements
3) Detailed specification of the software requirements
4) Software design
5) Programming
6) Testing
7) Maintenance

Our strongest advice to anyone considering developing custom software would be this:

“Do not work with a company that relies on outsourced programmers.”

If you cannot look your programmers in the eye or if your language doesn’t match your developer’s technical language, move on until you find a company that has programmers sitting across your table who are capable of explaining details in a language you understand.

shutterstock_198781061All our engineers are extensively trained in laptop motherboard repairs down to component level. A lot of other service centres state they do component level repairs but what they do not tell you is that there are different levels.

For Example

-Level 1 – DC Jack/Fuse Replacement

– Level 2 – Power IC Replacement (6-12 pin ICs)

– Level 3 – Controller IC Replacement (200-400 pin ICs)

– Level 4 – BGA Rework Reflow (Northbridge / Southbridge / Graphics Chips)

– Level 5 – BGA Reballing

Unlike other repair centers we are trained to repair down to level 5. Currently we have three InfraRed BGA Rework/Reflow units to our disposal and recently we have purchased equipment to help reball BGA Chips.

With cutting edge technology to our disposal we are much more equipped than our competitors to repair Northbridge and GPU issues which are common on most laptops, more so now that manufacturers are fitting higher end chips with ever higher failure rates.

shutterstock_62217082IT Xpert staffed by a seasoned team of IT professionals, the APA Enterprise Virtual Help Desk is just a phone call, email, or appointment away. Standing by 24x7x365 to support you and your staff and your IT demands.

With the addition of one of our managed plans, the Help Desk team can also remotely log into any of your machines and see what you are seeing – wherever you are . . . Whether you need help accessing a feature, or fixing a problem, our team can work with you anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet!

Take advantage of the convenience and cost savings of APA Enterprise’s Virtual Help Desk today!

GadgetOur Services Include:
– Laptop Repairs and PC Reapirs
– Apple Mac Repairs
– Tablet Repairs
– XBOX and PS3 Repairs
– Hand Held Consoles

Network Consultancy

And Design

shutterstock_115265155Managed Network Services

APA Enterprise doesn’t believe that cookie cutter solutions can solve your networking needs. From cabling a brand new corporate headquarters to configuring the wireless on a laptop, we consult with our clients individually to find what works best for them. If you are an APA Enterprise client, we need to know how you work, and what your trouble spots and opportunities are. We want to incorporate your ideas with our networking expertise, to streamline your business infrastructure and increase your productivity. And when we do our job right, it means that you have time to focus on your business and not on your IT infrastructure. That’s the APA Enterprise goal.

You are not planning to become obsolete, so why should your network solutions have to?

Keep your network safe and up-to-date by letting APA Enterprise be your technology partner. With a full over view of your network, APA Enterprise will provide the following.

Managed Server Care

APA Enterprise Managed Server Care utilizes state of the art technology to monitor, manage and maintain your servers. Core, Advanced, and Complete plans allow you to pick the right solution for your needs.

Managed Desktop Care

Let the experts at APA Enterprise manage your workstations, so your employees can get back to what they do best—serving your customers and adding to your bottom line! Take advantage of the state of the art monitoring and management tools First Care offers and take back control of your network!

Managed Network Care

Much like cars, networks perform better and last longer when they are properly maintained and cared for. Let the experts at APA Enterprise manage and maintain your Routers, Firewalls, Switches, Wireless Access Points, and more.

Managed Mobile Care

As more and more of your office becomes mobile – you need a partner who can help you manage, track, secure and account for your mobile devices. Ask us today about our Managed Mobile Care offering and know we’ve got you covered!