At APA Enterprise, you will be working alongside a talented people in a dynamic and supportive environment.  We want to give our clients best

shutterstock_461389705experience in the filed of IT. To achieve this, we need to strive for excellence, be passionate and excited about our mission.

Company is looking for a talented IT analyst and web designer. Candidate should possess strong analytical skills, problem solving abilities and interface design skills

Education requirements: Master degree in computer science with creative and technical element would be useful.

To Qualify: You should be an enthusiastic, self-motivated. Ability to solve problem creatively and effectively. Great communication skills. Should have outstanding knowledge of web designing. Ability to write top quality HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Ability to work well under pressure, with team and adhere to deadlines.

Work Experience: Candidate should have minimum three years of work experience of being as IT Analyst and Web Designer respectively.

Working Hours: Working hours are generally 9:00am to 5pm but can involve extra hours in the evening or on weekends to meet deadlines.

Salary Rates: £22,000 – 28,000

Duration: Temporary

Job Description:

  • Meeting with external or internal clients to identify their needs and liaising with them.
  • Designing detailed website specifications – Sample page layouts
  • Analysing clients existing systems and business model
  • Strong Analytical skills, problem-solving abilities and knowledge of current technologies.
  • Development of top quality HTML website, CSS and JavaScript applications.
  • Identify problems concerned with online business strategy, policy, procedures and methods.

Please direct any queries about employment at the APA Enterprise Limited to or call +44 (0) 20 7193 6668

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